Argumentative Writing

In 2014, Teresia Teaiwa, a Fijian scholar working out of Aotearoa/New Zealand, wrote, “my experience of theory has mostly been one of valuing ideas, and in particular valuing the ability to identify connections and resonances and distinguish gaps and contradictions between models and proposals” (46). In so doing, she establishes everyone’s reading and writing practices as genealogical processes by which we establish our own voices in relationship to those who came before us and those who work alongside us.

Argumentative Writing is an advanced writing course designed to empower you as writers with the critical thinking and language skills needed to write and speak about a complicated and controversial issues in a number of communities. As such, you will be reading, drafting,  writing, speaking, and, most of all, listening in order to more effectively engage with the ideas of others and to express your own ideas clearly. Using imitation as a foundational methodology for writing, you will read and write often with the goal of connecting your own ideas to the ideas of others.

No matter your career or personal goals, writing is never an isolated process; it happens in response to and in conversation with other writing, spoken language, and images across multiple media. In this class, we will engage with writing as a multigenerational process in order to better understand our own writing and our responsibilities to both academic and non-academic communities.