Lesson Plans

Revision Unit (Revised)
Context: At the University of Illinois, I continued to revise the revision process illustrated below. Students are asked to annotate their own drafts and then respond to another person’s annotations, in addition to adding their own comments. Then, I will respond to both the annotations and the peer review, and finally, the student will respond to all feedback before turning in the final draft. Through these steps, students are given the opportunity to provide more substantial feedback and to view even the final submission as still in-progress. This iteration is more conducive to both online and in-person classrooms.

Revision Unit
Context: For a transfer section of First-Year Composition, the instructor and I wanted to challenge the students to engage more critically with their writing. I developed a revision process including four drafts and multiple modes of engagement, including peer and mentor meetings. I would use this structure for both literature and composition courses. A few sample lessons from this unit, including an introduction to Visual Analysis and a few revision demonstrations follow:

Audience Lesson
Context: In my first semester mentoring, students were struggling with considerations of audience in their writing. The instructor and I also noticed that they were unable to talk about topics that they did not find personally relevant. In response, I developed the following audience lesson, with a focus on the LGBTQ+ community: